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The retail industry is inherently dynamic. The radical shift in demographics, increasinglye educated consumer base, and mushrooming of new selling channels have forced retailers to re-think their strategies. Retailers need to adapt in order to remain profitable. In addition, the shopping experience too has undergone a massive change over the past decade, especially with e-commerce attracting new and varied customers. Adaptability is the new normal for retail markets, and it is safe to assume that the only retailers who will succeed in the long term would be the ones who deliver a consistent, clear, concise, and seamless experience across all channels.

Technology Landscape

At the backbone of this phenomenal growth, the retail industry is leveraging technology to the fullest. For instance, beacons, a technology designed to strengthen customer loyalty and drive in-store sales, is being used by large retailers to send their customers personalized, real-time messages, customized offers, and promotions. Furthermore, retailers are making use of a wide range of in-store technologies to attract potential consumers. For example, many large format retailers allow customers to try their outfits virtually, while others leverage the features of touch-screens to allow customers order drinks, browse the store catalog, and interact more conveniently with the in-store sales representatives.

Apart from the innovative use of technology; the industry continues to leverage traditional programs and technologies including customer loyalty programs, online payment gateways, mobile e-commerce, social media campaigning to build and attract customers. Suffice to say, the entire retail industry is critically dependent on technology, which means that even the smallest anomaly in the IT operations may result in major business disruptions, causing huge losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Key Challenges

To gain an edge in a highly competitive retail industry, investing in digital has become mandatory. To execute on any digital-led initiative, a robust and smart IT infrastructure layer comprised of sophisticated software and hardware is a must. The IT service providers need to ensure that all devices and applications are available around-the-clock, disruption-free. A few key challenges are:


Analyze and provide actionable insights
from huge volumes of consumer data
Prompt identification, management, and
upkeep of critical infrastructure components
Lack of a unified platform for retailers to handle infrastructure monitoring and servicing needs.
Enable transaction level tracking across systems and sub systems
Solution Overview

TCS Cloud Plus offers an integrated stack of retail management software that can simplify management of the entire IT Infrastructure layer and ensure uninterrupted business. The solution, comprises of modules for performance monitoring, asset management, configuration management and IT service management. Supporting these modules is a configurable reporting and dashboard, which provides a real-time view of the health of IT systems and a contextual knowledge management solution that evolves with the business.


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Solution Benefits
Streamlined business operations
Enables IT service request automation to streamline business operations and resolve complexities.
Facilitates scaling of offerings, unlimited access and easy adoption for business expansion
24x7 availability
Assures round-the-clock business continuity with minimal outage.