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The global financial crisis may have happened several years ago, but banks are still struggling to get back to pre-crisis performance levels. By adopting a 'digital first' strategy, the banking industry has shifted its focus from traditional businesses to more inclusive growth models. Most full-service banks deepen their long-term relationships with customers and boost revenues by employing customer-centric models and become more tech savvy. Given the scale of these disruptions, an end-to-end modernization of bank's outdated infrastruc-ture often requires banks to completely embrace digital.

Technology Landscape

The IT landscape in BFS sector today is not only complex and ever changing, but business is critically dependent on technology and requires IT components to be up and running effectively all the time. With the banking and financial services industry embracing digitization to ensure growth and provide excellent customer service, an agile and flexible IT infrastructure is needed. Businesses should be able to adapt to new devices and applications introduced into the IT landscape.

The traditional 'fixing-the-leaks' approach to infrastructure and application monitoring isn't enough anymore. The continual introduction and adoption of new and advanced virtualization technologies and cloud frameworks coupled with a relentless focus to increase technology efficiency at lower costs signals an inflection point in IT performance management and monitoring.

As banks are adopting a 'mobile-first' approach towards internet banking, the reliance on an efficient and effective network for conducting financial transactions cannot be over emphasized. The infrastructure network must be always available, fully operational and quick. Even a minor network outage can result in customers losing trust in the bank's services ultimately impacting long term brand value.


Organizations need to have a proactive monitoring tool in place to ensure that banking devices and applica-tions run uninterrupted at all times to deliver the desired user experience. A few key challenges include:


The need for constant management and proactive monitoring
Lack of simple user interface for
end-to-end monitoring
Lack of clarity arising from monitoring
IT devices in silo
Difficulty in maintaining a large number
of monitoring tools
Solutions Overview

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TCS Cloud Plus enables proactive monitoring and management of IT systems, enabling banks to deliver value to customers. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with third-party agents. The unified monitoring dashboard provides a holistic view of the entire IT system, resulting in a reduction of service requests, and ensuring business continuity. The solution facilitates knowledge retention, helps consolidate asset information. It incorporates industry-wide best practices to improve customer experience.


Key processes supported: Asset and Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Service Management modules, Monitoring and Event Management, Governance.

Solution Benefits
Minimal technology risk
Reduces technology risk through complete and continuous infrastructure monitoring.
Improved IT performance and availability
Allows remote access to data allowing IT performance issues to be addressed quickly.
Improved customer experience
Significant improvement in customer experience through faster ticket resolution.
Enhanced business continuity
Facilitates business continuity through automated processes and error identification.
Improved security and reliability
The solution meets all information security requirements an incorporates global best practices.