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service manager
Challenges faced by existing systems

Organizations trying to implement efficient and cost-effective ITSM processes in today's mobility-driven business environment face a number of unique challenges on the cloud, such as:


Lack of integration between
disparate IT tools and systems
Absence of a robust knowledge management
for self-service
Need for high quality, anytime
available IT service
Low overall value of IT due to slow
service request resolution
Our Approach

TCS Cloud Plus Service Manager is a feature-packed, easily configurable and scalable Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and cloud based service management solution. The solution provides comprehensive and cost-effective support to organizations across all stages of ITSM (Service Management). It enables the creation of a service management framework that consolidates, streamlines, and globalizes the internal support processes to perform seamless operations. The integrated solution, comprises of service request management, incident reporting, change management, configuration, and knowledge management;, allows visibility into support processes. It also reduces time to serve, leading to improved customer satisfaction.


Process Service Manager


The offering includes a service catalog to log incidents and raise requests; a configuration management Database (CMDB) solution to track changes; and a searchable knowledge repository to help achieve high first-call resolution. It automates ticket assignments and integrates incident management with clear visibility on SLA timelines. The solution provides features such as integrated reporting and role-specific dashboards, global support for languages and time-zones, and configurable workflows to enhance efficiency. Through best-in-class support for tracking and resolving interactions, incidents, and problems, the cloud based service manager module provides an ITIL-aligned management tool to integrate rapidly evolving best practices.

Solution Benefits
Rapid adoption
Enables quick configuration and setup to make the solution operational within few days.
Increased efficiency and productivity
Facilitates process automation, error identification, and intelligent problem resolution.
Advanced analytics capabilities
Provides powerful change management and reporting tools resulting in informed decision-making.
Service catalog, CMDB repository
Allows for automated ticket assignments, integrated reporting, language support and configurable workflows.
Reduced time-to-market
Provides increased visibility of support processes and reduces time-to-market thereby leading to greater ease-of-use.