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governance manager
Challenges faced by existing systems

Organizations have started contracting out their IT functions to third parties, and this trend is only set to grow. However, this process needs to be backed by an effective strategy to ensure governance-related challenges are completely addressed. Some of the challenges include:


Manual service level agreement
(SLA) tracking
Governing, managing and resolving issues
at the relationship level
Lack of visibility in
governance KPIs
Managing non-collaborated
geographically dispersed teams
Our Approach

The TCS Cloud Plus Governance Manager provides a centralized platform to generate reports and analytics through its dashboard tool based on data collected from various sources. The solution has the ability to report on business service management health across the different business units using pre-defined BSM rules. The solution, additionally, can be integrated with underlying application and infrastructure components, which are monitored using ESM tools.


Process Governance Manager

Solution Benefits
Enhanced decision-making
Insights analyzed from the data allows organizations to make timely and effective decisions.
Continuous KPI tracking
Enables quicker decision-making and allows for more effective corrective actions.
Drill-down and drill-through analytics
Provides easy and efficient analysis with combination of parameters through its reporting and dashboard tools.
Continuous performance monitoring
Allows organizations with automated performance monitoring at all levels to resolve issues as they appear.
Business units mapping
The solution illustrates causal relationships by mapping key connections among business units.
Identifying application bottlenecks
Enables quick identification and categorization of bottlenecks to facilitate swift resolution and clearing up of the workflow.